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Wondering how to help communities in Palestine?

We are now looking to expand the reach of Palestinian artisans and their talented work. With your help, we can continue to provide our artisan partners with the support they need, improve our capacity training programs, and preserve Palestinian culture on a grassroots-level. 

If you are interested in funding Sunbula’s work, please contact us through [email protected].

Support the Palestinian Craft Industry

Donate Directly 

We strive to improve our assistance to our Palestinian artisans, but our resources are limited, as compared to the needs on the ground. Your contribution will help us in the following areas:

Sunbula markets its artisans’ craft products in its fair trade shops in Jerusalem and through its Online Craft Market. Our market access services enable artisans to have a reliable income flow, and are a lifeline for hundreds of Palestinian families.

Product Development
We provide design and technical training to our artisan groups so that they can continuously develop new marketable products -- the key to a successful enterprise. 

Capacity Building
We help artisans strengthen their production and operational capacity by providing in-kind donations like sewing machines and computers, and tools and equipment for specialized handicraft production.

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