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Sunbula strives to make better our assistance to the Palestinian craft producers, but our resources are very limited compared to the needs on the ground.  Please help us make our work sustainable and more effective by making a donation.  Your contribution will help us continuing our commitment to the existing partners, while expanding our partnership to more grassroots organizations in need, by providing the following services.

  1. Marketing the products at Sunbula's fair trade shops in Jerusalem and through Online Craft Market

    Our shop is a lifeline to hundreds of families in Palestine.  We are one of the few organizations that provide market access for local craft cooperatives, enabling artisans to secure a direct income on an on-going basis.

  2. Product Development Assistance 

    We provide direct technical assistance to the producers, so that they can continuously develop new, marketable products -- the key to a successful enterprise. 

  3. Capacity Building

    We support producers to strengthen their production and operational capacity, by providing in-kind donations like sewing machines, computers, fax machines, and specialized tools and equipment for handicraft production.

  1. Through Global Exchange

    If you are a US tax payer, you can make your tax-deductible contribution through Global Exchange, a San Francisco-based non-profit (501c3) organization, of which Sunbula is a fiscally sponsored project.

    Checks can be sent to:
    Global Exchange
    2017 Mission Street, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94110
    Attn: Liza Gonzales, FSP Coordinator
    Tel: 415-255-7296,

  2. Donate Directly

    The donation can be made from the secure online form below, using your credit card.

    If you are a US tax payer, your contribution to Sunbula will be tax-deductible under the US treaty with Israel (Sunbula is located in Jerusalem, therefore is registered as a charitable organization under the law of Israel, just as other Palestinian organizations in Jerusalem and the 48 areas).  For more information please see IRS Publication 526 (2008), Charitable Contributions

 Thank you for helping us make our work possible, and supporting the Palestinian handicraft producers!

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