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Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre, established in 1965 as a home for children with physical disabilities, runs a school, rehabilitation center, autism unit, and the Sheltered Workshop, and is entrusted under the Arab Anglican Episcopal Church – the Diocese of Jerusalem.

The Sheltered Workshop serves people suffering from physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities from Jerusalem and its surroundings, aiming to provide avenues for capacity building and job creation that will help them become gradually independent and integrated in the community. A personalized vocational training program is prepared for each one based on their disability, functioning level, needs and interest. The 24 male and female persons with disability currently employed at the Sheltered Workshop carry out different activities such as carpeting, weaving seagrass products, painting and packaging. In addition to the daily routine work, the participants also enjoy daily meals, social activities, holiday celebrations, and recreational trips. The revenue of the workshop products goes to cover the cost of rehabilitation of children with disabilities at the centre.

Their beautifully handcrafted furniture and home accessories are exhibited at the Centre and at 'Home Decor and Furniture Show', a popular biannual event in Sunbula's garden.

Sheltered Workshop
Ali Aweidah, Manager

The Jerusalem Princess Basma Centre
P.O.Box 19764, Jerusalem
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