Product development support is Sunbula's main strength.  We make possible this costly process - hiring designers, investing in raw materials, upgrading production equipment - for the producer groups who cannot afford it themselves.  We dispatch Palestinian designers to train the artisans developing their skills and knowledge, and to create a collection of new products to be market-tested at our stores.  We also provide the producer groups with materials and equipment needed in the process.  

Over years, we have helped creating hundreds of new items for our partner producer groups.  We have collaborated with a number of local designers and artists, including Ayed Arafah, Hamada Atallah, Rand Dabbour, Mahran Ismail, Aiman Salaimeh, Amir Salameh, Shireen Salman, Maro Sandrouni, and Ahmad Tawil, whose combined expertises encompass fashion and textile, graphic design, silk-screening, ceramics, jewelry, and interior design.