Abu Nuwar Bedouin Charitable Society

Abu Nuwar Bedouin Charitable Society for Development and Cooperation was established in July 2019 by a group of women from the Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar.  It is the first officially registered nonprofit by and for Bedouin women in the West Bank.

Abu Nuwar (72 families, approx. 600 residents) is located on the eastern slope that descends from Jerusalem towards Jordan Valley.  The redisidents are from the Jahalin tribe, the UNRWA-registered refugess that were displaced from the Negev in 1948.  Unemployment and poverty rates in Bedouin communities are among the highest in Palestine.  Communities lack basic infrastcuture like water and electricity, as well as economic opportunity for women.

In 2010, a group of women started a kindergarden in a small room in order to address the lack of service for pre-school age children.  They worked as volunteers and gradually build it up to a three-room facility today.  The kindergarden became a community hub, which led to the establishment of a primary school in 2015.  In 2018, the women requested Sunbula's help in creating an income-generation project in the community.  Sunbula, in cooperation with PolishAid, set up a silk-screen workshop and provided the training.  The project was named Khayma 35: Khayma is Arabic for tent and 35 is the number of families supported through the production and sales hand-printed t-shirts and tote bags with original designs by local artists.  Khayma 35 became a launchpad for the Society.

In 2020, Sunbula plans to help them set up a sewing workshop, followed by the training for further expanding their products. 

Abu Nuwar Bedouin Charitable Society for Development and Cooperation
Abu Nuwar, Jerusalem District, West Bank
Mobile: 058-433-8420