Haneen Project

The Haneen Project is an initiative established as a result of Sunbula's product development training in Balata refugee camp, which was held in 2007.  A group of women who received the training formed an independent income-generating project in order to utilize their newly-acquinted skills for handicraft production.  Haneen means 'longing' in Arabic, and it symbolizes the refugees' longing for their ancestral homeland and cultural heritage.

Balata is the largest of the 19 Palestinian refugee camps in the occupied West Bank.  A home to more than 22,000 inhabitants, living conditions in the camp are extremely difficult.  In addition to overcrowding, poor infrastructure and widespread poverty, the camp residents endure conflict-related violence almost daily.   

Haneen Project is a response to meet the economic needs of families, who strive to put food on the table, educate their children, and care for their sick and elderly.  They hope to share these income-generating opportunities with a larger number of women in the community as the project develops and grows. 

Haneen's products are inspired by the diverse beauty of traditional Palestinian crafts.  In addition to the popularly produced cross- stitch embroidery, Haneen strives to recreate a variety of ancient designs and techniques in their products. 


Haneen Project
Balata Refugee Camp
Nablus District, West Bank
 Mobile: 059-274-7157