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5 Ramadan Gift Ideas from Palestine


Ramadan is the time of joy, charity, and giving, when families and friends gather over shared meals to break fast and celebrate the Eid Al-Fitr, a three-day festivities that marks the end of the holy month.  

However, as we celebrate our second Ramadan under the COVID-19 pandemic, visitations to one another’s homes are still not a possibility for many in Palestine and across the world. 

If you cannot see your loved ones this Ramadan, why not send them a unique gift that reflects the spirit of compassion instead?

Every exquisitely handmade craft on Sunbula’s online shop directly supports the livelihoods of our artisans and their families, so you will be pleased to know that your heartfelt gift to your loved ones helps to empower local Palestinians as well!

Here are our top 5 picks for unique Ramadan gifts:


Embroidered Dress from Gaza

Getting new clothes for children is a popular custom for Eid al-Fitr, and this beautifully hand-embroidered dress is perfect for this special occasion.  Made at Atfaluna Society, a wonderful Gaza institution that supports people with hearing disability, they come in 5 bright colors to choose from.  






Embroidered Cusion Cover - Suleiman Mansour

This cushion cover is truly a special work of art.  Designed by the renowned Palestinian artist Sulaiman Mansour and embroidered by Surif Women’s Cooperative, one of the oldest craft cooperatives in the West Bank, it is adorned with the Arabic word  'Allah’ on the four corners.  






Embroidered Wall-hanging 'Al-Humduillah'

This beautiful wall-hanging is embroidered with stylized Arabic that reads 'praise be God’ - a perfect Ramadan gift.  Handmade at Melkite Pastoral Center, a project that supports women artisans from Ramallah area villages in the West Bank, it is available in 4 beautiful colors.







Hand-carved Brass Earrings

Jewelry is another popular Eid gift, and our favorite is these brassed earrings, delicately hand-carved and imprinted with a tiny star.  They are made at Noor Al-Qamar, a jewelry-making project run by Bedouin women near Jerusalem.  Pair it with a matching bracelet and make it truly special.  







Bedouin Needle-felted Donkey

Toys are popular Eid gifts for children, so why not gift something unique from Palestine this year?  These donkeys hail straight from the Jerusalem desert, made with love by Bedouin women in their tents using only naturally-processed wool from their own sheep. 




Please check out more selection of Palestinian gifts at our online shop!

We wish you a joyful, healthy holy month.  
Ramadan Kareem!