Our Story

Founded 1988

During the first Palestinian Intifada, Carol Morton, the wife of the late Rev. Colin Morton of the St. Andrews Scottish Church in Jerusalem, began a small project called Craftaid. From a modest craft shop in St. Andrews Guest House, it grew to become Sunbula in 1996.

A Jerusalem-based non-profit fair trade organization, Sunbula is a platform that empowers marginalized communities in Palestine through traditional artisanal crafts.

Since 1996, We Have…

Partnered with 25 local artisan groups

Given back $115,000 to marginalised communities in Palestine (in 2020)

Committed to promoting Palestinian women’s rights and economic empowerment, we have grown to become a trusted provider of the finest quality Palestinian handicrafts, while directly supporting hundreds of women and their families through income-generation and development work.

Empowerment Through Culture & Tradition

Seeking to support Palestinian women and marginalized communities living in Palestine to be economically independent, we see the solution in the deep cultural beauty of Palestinian traditional crafts that are made by talented artisans across the West Bank and Gaza. 


We provide local artisan groups with vocational training in business skills and craft-making techniques to support them in their handicraft businesses. At the same time, Sunbula’s online marketplace helps to showcase their work to an international audience.


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