Our Work

Sunbula works in direct partnership with 25 artisan groups located in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and Palestinian communities within Israel. We support our craft producers by helping them to develop new products, pursue training in craft-making, and reach new markets. Together, we strive to preserve Palestine's artisanal heritage.

Strengthening Product Development

Product development support is Sunbula's main strength, and we make this costly process possible for the artisan groups who need support. Collaborating with Palestinian designers, we work with artisans to develop new craft collections that can be market-tested in Sunbula’s online marketplace and physical shops in Jerusalem. We also provide artisan groups with materials and equipment needed.  

We collaborate with a wide range of local designers and artisans, whose expertise encompasses fashion and textile, graphic design, jewelry, and more.


Enabling Access To Raw Materials

Artisan groups in the occupied West Bank and Gaza face challenges in obtaining raw materials under the movement restriction placed on people and commerce by the military occupation.  Sunbula is able to use our resources as a fair trade organization to help facilitate access to craft materials.

Capacity Development Support

Our partner artisan groups are small grassroots groups that operate on shoe-string budgets, and often lack the reserved capital to repair or upgrade equipment when necessary.  Sunbula assists them in obtaining the production tools and equipment they need.

We also train new artisan groups in essential business management skills, such as basic bookkeeping, ROI, and inventory management.

Learn about our fair trade impact here.

Market Access Service

Sunbula's fair trade stores in Jerusalem and online marketplace are vital access points to the international market for many of our artisan groups. This guaranteed market access means that Palestinian artisans have a stable income flow through Sunbula, enabling them to stay viable and sustainable.

Join us in supporting our artisans.

Protect Cultural Heritage

Striving to preserve Palestine's artisanal heritage, we work with artisans to document and revitalize the disappearing aspects of the heritage. Our first book, 'Embroiderying A Life: Palestinian Women and Embroidery' (2000) is an oral history of women embroiderers.

Our second publication, 'Seventeen Embroidery Techniques from Palestine: An Instruction Manual' (2019) is the first of its kind to document lesser-known Palestinian embroidery techniques b
ased on local museum and field research.

Hoping to pass down Palestine’s artisanal heritage to the younger generations, we organize workshops in cooperation with local cultural institutions using this Instruction Manual.