Hand-cut Brass Earrings - Pomegranate
Hand-cut Brass Earrings - Pomegranate
$ 29
Make a statement with these beautiful brass earrings that are handcrafted in the shape of a pomegranate - a symbol of abundance in the Palestinian autumn. Showcasing the exquisite jewelry-making techniques of women from Beit Doqu village, this pair of brass earrings exudes sheer elegance with a blue semi-precious stone hanging in the middle.
Size: 1.5 (in) | 4 (cm) in diameter
Color: Turquoise
The Artisan
Beit Doqu Development Society
Beit Doqu Development Society is a nonprofit charitable organization established in 1988 by a group of active young people in the village of Beit Doqu, a picturesque agricultural village near ...