Melkite Pastoral Center

The Melkite Pastoral Center was established in 1988 in the city of Ramallah during by the sisters of Greek Catholic (Melkite) Church Center. 

The Melkite Church provides facilities where women from nearby villages obtain fabric and thread, which they take home to embroider, in exchange for a salary. The products are inspired by traditional designs that decorate Palestinian women's dresses, and symbolically represent the hills, trees, and flowers of the country. 

As the villages suffer from high unemployment, poor infrastructure and a lack of social services, the women's income from the embroidery work at Melkite Pastoral Center means a great deal to impoverished families. Their work affords schooling for the children, medicine for the elderly, and daily needs such as food and clothing.  Their Palestinian embroidery products - from purses to home decor items to hair accessories - are popular long-sellers at Sunbula.

Melkite Pastoral Center
Behind Darna Restaurant
PO Box 265, Ramallah, West Bank
 Telefax: (+972) 02-298-5797