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Being Fair Trade Certified in Palestine


What makes a fair trade organization different from others that trade with local craftspeople or farmers?  Being a certified fair trade organization means that its adherence to Fair Trade principles and practices is verified by an official body called World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO).  Sunbula is a Guaranteed Fair Trade member of WFTO, an organization that regularly monitors and audits our work and ensures that we uphold the 10 Principles of Fair Trade in our structure, business model, operations, and supply chains.  

How does Fair Trade help marginalized communities in Palestine?

Small-scale craft producer groups that Sunbula partner with are often located in refugee camps, rural villages, and Bedouin communities, and are particularly vulnerable to movement restrictions under the military occupation.  They face challenges obtaining materials in the blockaded Gaza or are being barred from reaching the marketplace due to checkpoints and Separation Wall along the West Bank.  With our fair trade network and resources, we facilitate access to needed materials, equipment, and emergency aid, as well as to the wider marketplaces through our shop in Jerusalem and online shop.  

Our fair trade certified practices also call for providing capacity-building opportunities for artisans, supporting them beyond trading crafts.  Sunbula collaborates with local designers and runs product development training to help artisans enhance their skills and gain the knowledge that is needed to regularly renew their products.  We also help them upgrade production equipment, and train them on basic administrative skills that are required for running a grassroot enterprise.  

Support Fair Trade Organizations in Palestine

Available through 6 local WFTO-certified fair trade organizations, such as Sunbula, there is a wide range of fair trade certified crafts and food products from Palestine for you to enjoy. From traditional embroidery to Palestine’s renowned olive oil, they are produced through ethical and sustainable practices while empowering artisans and farmers in the local community.  

Here is a list of fair trade organizations (WFTO members) in Palestine to support:

Al Reef for Investment and Agricultural Marketing 
Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans 
Holy Land Handicraft Cooperative Society 
Institute for Community Partnership 
Women in Hebron