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Introducing Sunbula's New Look!

We are excited to announce that Sunbula has refreshed its brand with a new logo and website!  

Sunbula’s work has grown in scope and depth over the past decades. We decided it was time to update Sunbula’s look to reflect our evolution as an organization and our vision for moving forward.
Sunbula was created in 1996 as a small initiative  seeking economic justice and equality for Palestinian artisans while working sustainably and preserving Palestinian heritage.  We have since doubled our partnerships with artisans creating a diverse range of traditional crafts from across Palestine.  We have also adapted a creative approach to craft-making, and modernized our products by collaborating with local designers.  We wanted the creativity of our handmade crafts to shine through the vibrant visual language of a new look.

We are proud of the tangible impact that Sunbula - with your support - has had over time.  The women artisans that we partner with have gained skills, launched new income-generation projects, supported their families in the direst of times, and provided their daughters with education - all with work from their cherished traditions.    

Today, we are reaffirming our commitment to empowering our artisans and creating a sustainable future for Palestinian crafts.  We strive to continue building a bridge between our artisans and our supporters to help create generational progress  in the local community.



Our new logo represents this vision.  A modern take on the “sunbula,” or the Arabic word for a spike of wheat, this embroidery motif symbolizes renewal and connection. The refreshed logo follows Sunbula’s refocus on traditional crafts and dedication towards innovative economic empowerment for Palestinians. The line flowing through the sunbula represents the connection our organization builds between the artisans and our supporters around the globe. On top of that, we have updated the look of our website!

Our website’s vibrant new look follows our commitment to keeping the Palestinian cultural heritage alive through innovative craft-making, and the creativity behind our handmade crafts is reflected in the vibrant tones of our new website. Check it out

The primary color on our new color pallete is the jewel tone of Palestinian embroidery, and pays tribute to strong women artisans.   The secondary colors are from Palestine’s earth -- green like olives, blue like its figs and plums, and a bright melon color of dawn - that also remind us of traditional crafts.  

Sunbula’s work will continue by upholding our commitment to our artisan groups in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Palestinian community within Israel.  We will continue to work closely with these artisans to make sure they remain viable and sustainable, supporting them in developing their products, learning new skills, accessing materials and marketing, while striving to protect the artisanal heritage of Palestine for generations to come.   

Join us in carrying out this mission.  Explore our new website to learn more.