Couching-Stitch Embroidery

"The main technique of Bethlehem embroidery is couching with silver, gold and silk cord. This is twisted into elaborate floral and curvilinear patterns, attached to the fabric with tiny stitches, and framed and filled with herringbone and satin-stitches in vividly colored silks." [Excerpts from “Palestinian Costume” by S. Weir]

Tahriri was used to make the front panels of wedding dresses and also the side panels of the skirts and the cuffs of the long traditional dresses. The technique may have been inspired by ornate church ornaments, liturgical clothing or the braid and couching ornamentation on the uniforms of Ottoman and British officers. Sunbula sells dress front panels, evening bags, cushion covers, runners, belts and many other beautiful items in the Tahriri stitch.