Canaan Palestine

Canaan Palestine, established in 2004 as Canaan Fair Trade, is located in the picturesque village of Burqin in the Jenin district of the northern West Bank. A major exporter of organic olive oil and high quality food products from Palestine, Canaan upholds fair trade practices to benefit small-scale farmers.
Canaan works in partnership with Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA), an umbrella body for the agricultural cooperatives. Canaan and PFTA provide income-generation opportunities for family farmers who strive for a dignified living despite the numerous challenges under the military occupation, such as land confiscation, restriction of movement, violence and harassment by Israeli settlers and army.
Canaan guarantees a fair price to Palestinian farmers, and ensures the high quality standard by managing the processing, packing, and branding of their olive oil. It provides workshops and information on fair trade, organic farming, and quality standards for the farmers. It also runs community-based projects such as the Trees for Life (tree-planting), Canaan Scholarship Fund (for farmers' children), and micro-loans.
Owning to the traditional farming and harvesting techniques, Palestine's olives are naturally organic and produce a uniquely flavorful oil. In addition to supporting Palestinian farmers economically and socially, Canaan works to sustain the farming heritage of this ancient and fertile land.


 Canaan Palestine
Kufr Qud Road, Burqin
Jenin District, West Bank
 Tel: (+972) 04-242-1991/2 
 Fax: (+972) 04-242-1993