Bedouin Silver Tent Association

Bedouin Silver Tent Association, established in 2014 as a spinoff of the Jerusalem Bedouin Cooperative Committee, specializes in empowering youth and women in the Bedouin communities in the area between Jerusalem and Jericho. Sunbula supports their income-generation projects for women.
Noor Al-Qamar, Arabic for moonlight, is a jewelry-making project established in 2012 in Anata in cooperation with the Italian NGO Vento di Terra. Since entering the partnership with Sunbula in 2016, the women underwent further training by the designers Amir Salameh, Shireen Salman, and Maro Sandrouni, to upgrade their skills and products. Their collection includes necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and Christmas ornaments, made of brass, semi-precious stones, and hand-spun natural sheep wool.
Tahhadi, Arabic for defiance, is a wool-felting project established in 2017 in Al-Mehtwish in Al-Khan Al-Ahmar area to create a new economic opportunity for women by using locally-available resources, in cooperation with Sunbula and Raymond Davis Foundation. The women underwent training on needle-felting by the designer Shireen Salman and on how to run a project by Sunbula such as basic book-keeping and managing inventory. The women, who previously had no economic opportunity, are now earning income by producing felt animal figures and coasters.

Bedouin Silver Tent Association
Anata, Jerusalem District, West Bank
 Telefax: (+972) 02-235-5317 
 Mobile: 052-584-3160