UNRWA Sulafa Embroidery Project
Mustafa Hafez Street, near Rahabilitation Centre for Visually Impaired, Gaza City, Gaza | Tel: (+972) 08-286-1450 |

Products: Embroidered cushions, shawls, scarves, accessories
Beneficiaries: 400 women from 8 refugee camps in the Gaza Strip

UNRWA Sulafa Embroidery Project is located in Gaza City and provides income generating opportunities for hundreds of refugee women through a network of 9 community centers across the Strip.  Sulafa is a nonprofit project established by UNRWA (United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees) in 1950 as a part of the Social Service Programme. 

Women in Gaza have been bearing an increasing burden of supporting their families.  Although it is labor-intensive and time-consuming work, thousands of women are willing to embroider as many stitches as they can while juggling household responsibilities, in exchange for a wage that would afford basic subsistence for their families' survival. 

Sulafa Embroidery Project aims to provide income for the Strip's refugee women and to ensure that the traditional art form of embroidery is kept alive.  Women, by receiving the embroidery work, earn an average of $40 per month, a significant amount in the area where a majority of people live below the poverty line ($2/day per household).

Sulafa's shawls, with their elegant style and striking geometric patterns, have been the top-sales item at Sunbula for many years.  Gazan women's artisanship and resilient spirits against all odds are reflected in the beauty of their products.