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Get ready for Spring: Our floral product selection

Signs of Spring are starting to show everywhere in Palestine in the last few weeks. Stone terraces of villages are lush with bright green after the generous rain and snow this winter, and hills and fields are carpeted with pastel shades of wildflowers.  

Spring is a brief and the most beautiful season in Palestine, and its inspiration is found in many traditional embroidery motifs stitched by generations of local artisans. We wanted to highlight them in our floral product selection, and get you into the spirit of Spring!  

Floral Handbag 

Handmade by women of the Idna village in the West Bank, this lovely handbag is hand-embroidered with floral motifs, and adorned with intricately crafted wooden handles by craftsmen in Bethlehem.  




Embroidered Cushion - Almond Flowers

Almond trees dot across the Palestinian landscape, and when they bloom, they are like soft-pink clouds floating around you. Inspired by that dreamlike beauty, this beautiful cushion is hand-embroidered on the Syrian 'moreh’ fabric by the skilled artisans of Haneen Project.




Embroidered Cushion Cover - Wardeh

This cushion cover looks just like a village scenery of Palestine in Spring time, when fields come to life with colorful wildflowers. It is hand-embroidered on cotton by artisans of Surif Women’s Cooperative, one of the longest-running embroidery groups in the West Bank.  



Tahriri Evening Bag

Embroidered with elegant gilded chords with brightly colored fillings, this gorgeous evening bag will be perfect for a springtime night out. What makes it even more special is that it is made in Bethlehem's renowned Tahriri embroidery style, which only a few people can still embroider with today. Made by Women’s Child Care Society in the Bethlehem area of the West Bank.


Make-up Purse - Madani

A pretty make-up purse adorned intricate flowers and stitched neatly with the Madani embroidery technique. This purse is handmade by Sulafa Embroidery Centre, a project that provides livelihood to women in Gaza’s refugee camps.  




Floral Coin Purse

This coin purse is reminiscent of the bright red anemones that bloom in hundreds in the fields and hills of Palestine, announcing the arrival of Spring each year. Handmade by Idna Ladies Association in the southern West Bank.


Baby Bib - Saru

Hand-embroidered on 100% cotton by Surif Women’s Cooperative, this adorable bib will make a great springtime baby gift. The bib is featured with 'Saru’, one of the most iconic Cypress motifs of Palestinian embroidery, and placed lovingly in a bouquet of flowers.  






Embroidered Friendship Band

Tiny embroidered flowers adorn this cute and dainty friendship band, making it a lovely gift for little girls. Made by artisans with hearing disabilities at Atfaluna Crafts in the Gaza Strip.