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Our Favorite Handmade Fanny Packs

These days, our customers’ favorite is Jelld's range of handmade fanny packs. A youth-led social enterprise in Hebron, in the southern West Bank, Jelld brings to us the first and finest range of leather fanny packs handmade locally in Palestine! Suitable for both women and men, Jelld's handmade leather fanny packs come in effortlessly cool colours - Black, Mustard, Camel, and Dark Brown. Get to know the story behind them!

handmade fanny pack   handmade leather fanny pack

A Brother's Request

In late 2019, Ashraf Zaatari, Jelld’s founder, had a request from his brother who wanted something small and practical for carrying personal items when going to the gym. Ashraf designed for him a fanny pack, which were becoming trendy and popular around the world but were not made in Palestine at that time. Encouraged by the positive reactions from friends and family, Ashraf and the Jelld team went on to develop it as a product and worked to finetune the design of their leather fanny packs over the next three months.  

The handmade fanny packs launched in early 2020 just when the world was getting hit by the pandemic, and Jelld was hurled into the challenge of staying afloat in a steep plunge of sales. At first, the fanny packs did not receive the attention as anticipated, despite the team's effort to promote them as Palestine's first. With the economy starting to look up this year, their leather fanny packs have since been gaining popularity, and we are very happy to see that. Jelld and its artisans are finally reaping what they have sowed!

Made with Advanced Artisanal Techniques

Jelld's handmade fanny packs are made through a more complicated production process than their other items, and is a testament to their evolution as an artisan group since its founding in 2016. Each fanny pack involves six artisans and seven different stages, from cutting and sewing the leather to stamping the logo for the finishing. Jelld is diligent about quality and uses only local cow or goat leather from the Zaatari Tannery, one of the most traditional establishments of Hebron, a city renowned for its historic craft industry.   

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The future generation of the craft industry

Jelld is an energetic, young group whose can-do attitude, technology savvy and trend-oriented productions set them apart in the local craft industry dominated by the older generation. While many artisan groups were forced to downsize in the pandemic, the Jelld team today has grown to 22 members composed of young male leather artisans, women seamstresses and embroiderers from disadvantaged families. Every purchase of Jelld's products helps to empower the lives of these young artisans!

With their impeccable design and quality, Jelld's handmade leather fanny packs speak to Sunbula's young and fashionable customers - stay tuned for what’s on their horizon!

Check out Jelld’s finely-crafted leather collection here.