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House of Palestinian Crafts

Our flagship store, 'House of Palestinian Crafts', is located in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in the Palestinian East Jerusalem.  It was opened in April 2010 after renovating a historic building that dates back to the Ottoman and British Mandate periods, with the funding support from the Belgian and French consulates in Jerusalem.

We organize a number of events in our garden throughout the year, including the Farmers' Market, Pottery in the Garden, Home Decor and Furniture Show.  We also host 'Lunch Deli in the Garden' on weekdays in support of the catering project by our partner Domari Society of Gypsies in Jerusalem.
Come visit us at our store in the heart of East Jerusalem for some craft shopping. We’d love to have you!

Hours: Monday - Thursday and Saturday, 12PM -6PM
15 Nablus Road, Sheikh Jarrah, Jerusalem
Tel: 02-672-1707

Visits outside opening hours can be arranged by appointment.