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Handmade Gift Ideas from Palestine

Looking for a good gift idea? Uniquely handmade crafts make great gifts, knowing that a whole lot of love and dedication has gone into making them.

What’s even better is knowing that the gift you purchase is contributing strongly to the livelihoods of local artisans in Palestine.  There are amazing Palestinian artisans creating beautiful crafts for every taste. Here are our favorite handmade gift ideas from Palestine for this holiday season.

Embroidered Make-up Purse from Gaza

This eye-catching purse comes from Gaza,  home to some of Palestine’s best embroiderers.  A handy size for make-up, medicines, or jewelry, it will be appreciated for both its beauty and practicality.  



Embroidered Backpack 

A gorgeously embroidered backpack that is also practically made, with its two compartments and fully adjustable straps.  With eight beautiful colors to choose from, you are bound to find one that fits your taste.  Made by Idna Ladies' Associaiton in Hebron area of the West Bank.





Silver Olive Leaf Earrings 

Simple and elegant, these are the perfect pair of earrings for any occasion. Made by women artisans of Beit Doqu, a scenic West Bank village that is known for its beautiful rolling hills and olive terraces, this beautiful pair of earrings are a great handmade gift for the ladies in your life!



Hand-printed 'Palestine’ T-shirt 

This T-shirt embodies the spirit of Palestine, more than just in its design.  The calligraphy is by the refugee artist Ayed Arafah, the silk screen printing is by women from the resilient Bedouin community of Abu Nuwar, and the garment is from one of the longest surviving textile factories in the West Bank.  Wearing it will make anyone feel the strength of Palestinians!





Men’s Leather Wallet 

This stylish wallet is made by Jelld, a social enterprise with a strong following among young Palestinians.  It is handcrafted with locally sourced and quality leather.  




Bedouin Needle-felted Camel 

Looking for a handmade gift for children?  These adorable camels are needle-felted by Bedouin women from the wool of their sheeps in the Khan al-Ahmar area near Jerusalem. Each piece has been affectionately crafted in Bedouin tents under the desert sky.  

Felt Nativity Grotto from Bethlehem 

What could be more special as a Christmas gift than a Nativity scene set that was made where it all happened?  This adorable Nativity scene decoration comes from Maan Lil-Hayat, a center for people with special needs that is located right behind Bethlehem’s renowned Church of Nativity.  Local shepherds provide their own sheeps’ wool, which is then turned into these adorable felt products made entirely by hand.

“Seventeen Embroidery Techniques from Palestine: An Instruction Manual” 

Packed with beautiful images of Palestnian embroidery and instruction on how to actually make them, this book will make a great gift for embroiderers, craft lovers, and fans of Palestinian embroidery!